To my dear friend Mr Drip Gluber,
(why do you insist on these fake identities. Bradley? Bec? Take off your human mask and accept your lovely gluber glob body for what it is.) Well Drip, RE: our conversation of 11 June @ 14:22, I do recall now that it is true that you like yellow. the problem i have with this statement is that it is a little archaic, true you once liked the gluber glob of glamos yellow (the same colour as our glabos globerum sun) but is your taste in yellow current? You seemed hesitant today when i suggested we purchase the 200 teeny glamos stickers of yellow globos birds and duckies. yet you did pick up a gloopsum glom of yellow gunk meringue cake and globber it glamos on the floor. I await your reply with clammy fingers.
Your friend,
Stick Clammo


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