In Monroeville, AL

I have taken some time to think this over so it won’t sound too hysterical. I am in Monroeville, Alabama writing this now. Monroeville, AL is the town in “To Kill a Mockingbird” and also has some connection to Truman Capote, who has always struck me as a gross little turd. I may be one of the only people in the world who dislikes “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” but all that Fred- Fred- Fred- bullshit makes me want to slap Audrey Hepburn in the face. Interestingly Marilyn was Capote’s first choice to play Holly Golightly, but Lee Strasberg told her that playing a prostitute would be bad for her image so she turned it down. Too bad. Marilyn could have said Fred- Fred- Fred- without sounding like a retarded dick, and still be a knock-out call girl. Audrey Hepburn’s very sexless. Consequently that is a very shit movie.

Oh I forgot I was telling you about Monroeville. Well, Monroeville has red roads and everything is made of wood. We just kind of idle along. I am sitting in a diner that is Deco. The outside is covered in greenish lacquered tiles, it is sort of long and shaped like a tram. Inside it is dark wood & very cool. I have found five dead flies along the window sill, the menus are printed very prettily and everything is quite cheap. I am waiting for some meal that will take my mind off things, currently I drink Coca Cola in a tall glass & you can smoke inside here, what luck. There are some lovely trees and a park or town square with civic pride statues and a museum. I will go there later and view Civil War memorabilia and maybe buy a postcard or a badge. The one thing I will say is, the Civil War is probably the first war that was recorded in photographs. You get the daguerreotypes of the soldiers standing in their uniforms and the soldier’s little mothers (they’re always so little) sitting in crinolines & looking thunderous. It is funny that when you see pictures of people that you know to be dead, they look like they are dead already.

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