Back home on Shitsville Ranch

Ranch style home, 1957

tumblr_m7gry3BnaI1qly5awo1_1280 Marilyn Monroe 1963 Modern Music Room 1966 Weldwood Firepit 1963 Kentile Orange Living Room

marilyn-monroe-in-jeans-reading-on-a-couch holiday house1953 Stone Fireplace Living Roomtumblr_m5fc33Ai8N1rp23euo1_1280 359979790_a3ec51d2e7_oVintage_Spaces_Bathroom



6 thoughts on “Back home on Shitsville Ranch

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  2. Dear MissShitsville,

    I am certain we are kin somehow. OK, mebbe not–I am a New England Yankee after all. That said, I am delighted with the pics on this page for two reasons:

    1–they speak for themselves in terms of awesomeness

    2–they look WICKED familiar to me: lighting, editing, subject matter, styling. You may be interested in why.

    I have in hand a 1956 Better Homes & Gardens Decorating Book, and dammit if the shots in my book do not look like the handiwork on this page. The funny color selections, the weirdly empty rooms, the barfy mix of neutrals.

    Should we plan to swap some jpgs? I have over 300 in my book, though it is unlikely you will want more than about 30% of them. I can tell you that mid-century had a ghastly side as well.

    Then again, you might enjoy that immensely.

    Warm regards,

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