California in another light


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe's birthday 8508548455_bcd000b27e_z tumblr_lwlyn56ihP1qddfu6o1_500 il_570xN.310015018 3868324145_f577b69b58Lolita-Still-COL-04 2900903518_71b83cd7f0_z Lolita-Still-COL-016105 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood, Californiastatler-hotel-night il_fullxfull.259082234palmtree3 8648262116_07afeedd6f_z Marilyn Monroeil_fullxfull.273668430 t5153a Lolita by Nabokov Vladimir Book Review Photobuster 5 stars 60s movie wallpaper phistars 3il_fullxfull.106839578 il_fullxfull.340118539lolita
12PC0433.1L original 3125876398_1735ae779b_z


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