TV STAR PARADE (The Man I Love Won’t Marry Me)

Nancy Sinatra Dean martin March 1968 And so I learned all of the sad and sorry truth about Nancy. Perhaps it was my father’s delivery but it all sounded unbelievably trashy: ‘The Man I Love Won’t Marry Me’; Sinatra’s Fears about his Daughter and Dean Martin; The Awful Mistakes Sinatra Fears his Daughters Will Make (… Compatibility: Should you Know Before Marriage?); The Sinatras Barred From Gail Martin’s Wedding, (Dean’s Wife Fights a ‘wasting illness’), etc. etc. etc. The whole sad and sordid tale had been splashed across the block colour covers of TV STAR PARADE, and then Nancy had suffered from a mystery illness for ten or so months and gone off to live in the Bahamas while she recovered.

August 1967

If my cousin Frankie ever found out… oh, but I hate to think. He might be upset and embarrassed that he was not Archie’s son after all those TV interviews, and then Nancy would have hell to pay if ‘the secret’ came out out after all these years… just like ‘In Other Desert Cities’, if you saw that play… Someone could make a lot of money writing that book, methinks. Well you see the permutations of the issue. I saved Archie, I mean, ‘Tom Jones’ from choking to death at the last minute as he was my only eyewitness and got him to call Nancy.

8bgivj3xo3bhjvxbhjsc1tx2tms3smx February 1968 43gocch8yn38cc83 


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