One from the vaults

nancyLP2 nancythisisI’ve been going through all of my stuff looking for a Miss Piggy toy from McDonalds in 1989, which I used to adore. It should be around here somewhere but I confess there’s an excess of dust about the Ranch (it’s true what Quentin Crisp said, the dust doesn’t get any worse after the first five years.) I’m not too sure how it got this bad – the carpets are grey with it – I struggle to read in the afternoon, when the sun comes in the windows, and the air itself turns into radiance so thick it’s hard to breathe. Anyway when I wipe the sheet of filth off the inanimate shapes in the attic gloom (high up in the hills on Shitsville Ranch) I find lots of treasures such as Nancy Sinatra albums with  the plastic wrapping still on (never played),  writing from the days before I gave up trying to compose coherent sentences and my Texas diary.


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