From 1727 Greenville Dallas, Texas

Chicken Delight Greenville Dallas TX

Now my dear readers I have been away for a while for reasons which you may find interesting but which I cannot say fit the general tone of this blog and so I have no qualms about exorcising them from existence rather than admit that I (Miss Shitsville) spend a lot less time drinking, smoking & weeping than I have heretofore led you to believe. But you already know that I also spend a lot of time writing letters home to God knows who (my mother throws the letters out before she reads them; Archie Shitsville can’t read at all) on the back of fag packets or the verso of the postcards I got Complimentary from Chicken Delight, Greenville, Dallas, Texas (Postage Paid, note, which is nice of them.)

I have also got up a nice collection of advertisements for Astroturf (such wonderful radiant peerless green — the plastic of eternal summer) and burger mats which have crossword puzzles (half-done, and miss-spelled) and pretty poor mazes on the back, and coupons to upgrade my SODA from Large to XXX Large for only the price of a bucket of chips (benefits so immense and incalculable even the staff have no idea what the deal is). Thank you Chicken Delight, but I must decline; I really came only for the Postage Paid envelopes and the serviettes with a weave-effect made by the impress of rows and rows of tiny dots which, if they ever aspired toward absorbency, were severely undone by your insistence that they be made of tree bark rather than actual, processed paper.

astroturf 5163193786_5f656c7e53