Collected Wisdom

I, Miss Shitsville, am very wise and you would do well to follow some of my life advice which I gained after many years fagging lonesome through this appalling world and encountering numerous false friends and outright idiots along the way. 


Life Advice from Shitsville

My collected wisdom in dot points to save you the trouble of reading because I know how you struggle with that.

Life Advice from Shitsville & Life Advice from Shitsville #2


You Ought To Drink Less Coke (Four Parts)

In which I eloquently and passionately make a case against the evils of advertising and public relations in this, Rupert Murdoch’s coal-sponsored Democratic Christian Monarchy of Australia, and suggest one ought possibly to consider drinking less Coke if one has pressing budgetary concerns that mean a 10 cent price hike for environmental reasons would make the cost of the pointless poisonous black nectar too prohibitive for you, poor dear. Read More


Reflections on my recently departed youth, etc.

Once I turned an age and spent a week wandering drunk and philosophical through the city having reflections on Chinese food, the youth, stinking nerds, hipsters and the merits of taxidermy. Read More


You Can Always Judge People By Their Shoes

In which I pause to consider my relationships with other so-called humans. Read More


Sebastian Vs. The Vegans

In which I dispense timely advice to my pet peacock Sebastian concerning his relationship with vegans. Read More



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