Love may tear us apart but the bomb will bring us together


Something I’ve been pondering though the long white nights (high up in the hills on Shitsville Ranch) is to what extent Mr. Brooks’ semi-functional, anti-art dream of a pink, paved and stucco’d Utopia (Brooksview) in which morons are allowed to live as merrily as the Smurfs provided they pay their council rates on time and comply with parking restrictions (and the missionary zeal with which he would inflict this way of life on other people, selling it as something compliant with wanting the best for their ugly spawn) differs from the vision of my own mind’s eye [that’s a terrible expression] in which the worst habits and stupidities of humanity (religion, war, etc.) are contained in Nation-states (such as Queensland and Utah) and given free reign to annihilate themselves and their children. I look forward to the day at the end of all this Technological Pursuit when we’ll have finally achieved something like the Day of Slowness:

Day of Slowness, Yves Tanguy, 1937

Without being told it was painted in 1937 [by Yves Tanguy], you would be hard pressed to know whether it depicts a post-Apocalyptic landscape where the new mutant life-forms still act out heroic narratives, or something like the questing ectoplasm from the beginning of the world. In fact, coming from the Surreal mind, it’s both. As any real estate developer knows, creation and destruction go together.

My Utopia (Shitsfield) is the twinned Technology-Nature vision of the Seventies; the houses would be Sci-fi living pods that would provide vile humans with everything they need, thus eliminating the desire to step outside of their gates and start telling each other what to do. Then the city streets would be able to reclaim some of the quiet and the green of the original world. So you can see our ideas are not that different – except that people like Mr. Brooks don’t hold much with green, running to Green being a natural and stunning remedy for many modern ills but difficult to patent & overcharge for unless you dress it up as some kind of Luxury Spa Retreat.

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